Talalay Vs. Dunlop – Two Manufacturing Processes For Latex!

There are two primary ways to manufacture latex – the Talalay and Dunlop process. There is quite a bit of argument over which is actually “better”, but there’s no clear answer. They’re simply different.

The Dunlop Method has been in use since 1929. Natural latex rubber sap is obtained from a rubber tree. This sap is then placed in a centrifuge, and most of the water in the sap is removed. After this, it is poured into a mold, and steam baked to cure it permanently.

During this process, the natural sediments in the latex mixture settle toward the bottom, which makes Dunlop latex feel denser.

The Talalay method adds two additional steps to the Dunlop method. First, the mold is sealed and finished in a vacuum chamber after the latex is poured. Then, the mold is “flash-frozen” before it’s baked and cured.

 These two steps provide Talalay latex with a consistent “cell structure”, due to the removal of excessive air during the vacuum sealing process, and the flash-freezing which “locks” the latex into place, and prevents sediment from settling to the bottom of the latex.

 What’s The Difference Between “Blended” and “Natural” Talalay Latex?

 This is a common question, especially if you’re not familiar with common latex production methods.

BlendedTalalay latex is, as the name suggests, blended with synthetic rubber – usually Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR). This allows manufacturers to more closely control density. Usually, blended Talalay is 30% natural and 70% synthetic.

100% Natural Talalay is, as the name suggests, almost 100% natural. Natural Talalay usually contains about 2-3% of synthetic materials, but these are just used as bonding agents during the finishing process – the actual latex material itself is 100% natural Talalay latex.

Because natural Talalay contains no artificial rubbers it’s very popular as a bedding material – but because it only uses natural latex rubber, it can be more expensive than blended or synthetic latex.

The Benefits Of Talalay Latex Toppers

Talalay latex toppers are a great alternative to memory foam mattress toppers, and offer a variety of benefits:

Rejuvenate an old mattress – With the addition of a high-quality Talalay latex topper, an older mattress can feel totally brand-new!

Reduce pain and aches – Talalay latex conforms to the curves of your body while remaining resilient. Talalay latex offers fantastic support – which can reduce painful aches in the hip, lower back, and shoulders.

Enjoy a more restful sleep – Talalay latex is incredibly breathable. Not only that, it’s hypoallergenic and microbial – so instead of worrying about mold, mildew, and dust mites, you can focus on getting a good night’s sleep. 

Why do we not offer samples?

Talalay Latex is a unique sleeping experience. Squeezing a sample of Talalay Latex with your hand is much different than actually sleeping on it. Many sleepers who have purchased our toppers have been surprised how sleeping on our latex was very different than their initial impression from squeezing it. The only way to experience the “feel” of Talalay is to sleep on the foam and for this reason, we do not offer samples.  

Which thickness should I choose?

Below are very general guidelines when determining which thickness to choose. Every situation is a little different so we encourage you to email or call to address your specific situation.     

Our 2” latex toppers are for sleepers who are uncomfortable sleeping on their current mattress. Often the mattress is too firm and an adjustment is needed. The 2” will adjust the feel of your underlying mattress and relieve your discomfort.

Our 3” latex toppers are ideal for sleepers who want to rejuvenate their mattress. The 3” delivers the ultimate sleeping experience and will make an older mattress feel new again.   

Which firmness should I choose?

Feel is very subjective, but there are general guidelines to consider that we have outlined below. We encourage everyone to email or call us to address your particular sleeping situation prior to your purchase. 

      Sleeping Position                                        Weight (lbs)                             Firmness


< 135

Super Soft


135- 180

Super Soft / Soft / Medium


180 >

Super Soft/Soft/ Medium

Back or Stomach

All weights


Back or Stomach

< 150

Medium- If prefer some “give”


< 200



200 >

Medium / Firm



Occasionally we are asked as to why we do not offer warranties on our products. This is a fair question and our decision for not offering warranties is for the false sense of security consumers feel from these advertisements. From deciphering the legal jargon to actually understanding your coverage, the consumer is often left with a fraction of the perceived value. Warranties are left to the discretion of the seller or manufacturer and most outcomes consist of the seller denying a claim or offering a trivial discount towards a replacement. In an online world where negative reviews travel at lightning speed, we understand that a reputation takes years to build and minutes to destroy. So even though we do not provide warranties, we offer competitive pricing with dedicated service prior too and after your purchase instead of marketing gimmicks.