About Us

About Us

Mayer’s Bedding team is passionate about sleep. More specifically, we’re passionate about giving you the best sleep of your life, and we’re constantly seeking out new ways to do just that.

Even for all of our zeal, we know that genuine excitement and affordable prices aren’t enough to spell success; that’s why we couple them with the most extensive customer service support in the industry and a rigorously high standard for quality. 

Our Commitment to Every Customer

Whether you settle on a latex topper or a DIY latex mattress from Mayer’s Bedding, our team won’t rest until you are completely content with your experience. 

With a robust online and phone support team waiting to answer any questions you may have, rest assured that you can gather every detail of our shipping and delivery timelines, manufacturing processes, or any other product concerns prior to placing an order.

Our commitment to service doesn’t end with the sale, though. It doesn’t even end once our items have been delivered. In fact, we maintain the same dedication to your satisfaction after you’ve received your order. 

At Mayer’s Bedding, we firmly believe that the best way to enjoy long-term success is to keep past customers raving about their experience; we leave no stone unturned to make that happen. 

Each and every one of our products comes with a satisfaction guarantee of 30 to 60 days, and we make the return or exchange process incredibly simple should the need arise. Plus, this isn’t the sort of guarantee that requires a Ph.D. to decipher—we explain all of our policies transparently. 

Whether you’re a prospective customer, a recent purchaser, or a returning buyer, we’re eager to make your experience more enjoyable through whatever means possible. 

Our Unwavering Dedication to Quality

A friendly and communicative support team is nothing without quality products to offer. At Mayer’s Bedding, we’re continuously searching for ways to make our toppers and mattresses even more comfortable without raising our prices. 

Latex foam can completely transform your sleeping experience; products made with truly state-of-the-art latex foam will give you rest like you’ve never experienced. 

Not only are our materials top of the line, but we also offer one of the largest online selections in the entire industry. 

Whether you have an aging mattress that could benefit from a latex topper, or you’re on the hunt for an entirely new bedding experience, Mayer’s Bedding is certain to have the products to meet your needs. 

It’s true that we’re passionate about sleep at Mayer’s Bedding, but what we really mean is that we’re passionate about making our customers’ lives better. Through our comprehensive customer service and our dedication to quality, we hope to offer a little slice of heaven when it comes time to go to bed.