Common Questions

Feel is very subjective and every individual differs. The majority of people will have the most versatility with their latex mattress with the following combination:

- One layer of Super Soft or Soft

- One layer of Medium

- One layer of Firm

The 100% Natural Super Soft feels like a “true soft” and the 100% Natural Soft feels like a medium-soft to some people.  

When considering a King mattress purchase, we offer two options:

A tailored option where each side of the mattress has a different firmness and a traditional style where both sides have the same firmness. We are able to offer a tailored option because layering two Twin XLs equal the size of a King mattress. If you decide on the tailored option, you will receive your Twin XL layers where each sleeper can arrange the latex to their personal preference. You do not have to worry about the latex shifting because the weight of the latex and our cover design will hold your layers in place. If you decide on the traditional King, the Twin XL’s of the same firmness will be glued together using a water-based adhesive.  

Watch Alex, for the first time, assembling a Custom King Latex Mattress.

We understand there is a lot to consider and sometimes “paralysis by analysis” can happen with the overwhelming amount of information on the internet. That is why we are here to answer your questions and to provide guidance. If you would like to discuss which layers to select, please feel free to call us @ 561-510-6441 or email In your email, please provide the following information to assist in determining which combination of layers to recommend.

- Size of the mattress (Queen/King)

- The weight of each person

- Primary and secondary sleeping positions (side/back/stomach)

- Overall personal preference for feel (soft/medium/firm)

Satisfaction Guarantee:

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee for your mattress purchase. We will refund the purchase price less $149.99 for our Queen and King Mattresses. We will refund your money less $199.99 for our Custom King Mattress. Before any return is initiated, you must contact us so we can email instructions. The $149.99 and $199.99 is 50% of our actual cost for return shipping. We do not profit off the return shipping and if you can negotiate a better rate with UPS or FedEx just email a copy of your receipt and we will split the difference.


Since we started offering our latex toppers we have not offered a warranty. The same is true for our latex mattresses. From day one,  we have stated the following:

“Occasionally we are asked as to why we do not offer warranties on our products. This is a fair question - Our decision for not offering warranties is for the false sense of security consumers feel from these advertisements. From deciphering the legal jargon to actually understanding your coverage, the consumer is often left with a fraction of the perceived value. Warranties are left to the discretion of the seller or manufacturer and most outcomes consist of the seller denying a claim or offering a trivial discount towards a replacement. In an online world where negative reviews travel at lightning speed, we understand that a reputation takes years to build and minutes to destroy. So even though we do not provide a warranty, we offer competitive pricing with dedicated service prior too and after your purchase instead of marketing gimmicks.”