Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality experience possible—that includes making the return process seamless if one of our items doesn’t fit your needs. 

Each of our products comes with a satisfaction guarantee at no extra cost to you. At Mayer’s Bedding, our guarantees aren’t merely lip service; we outline our return and exchange processes clearly before you ever make a purchase. 

While any item you purchase from us will be accompanied by some sort of guarantee, the exact stipulations may vary between products, as stated below. 

Latex Toppers

Our latex toppers come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Should you find that your new latex topper isn’t quite what you were looking for in the first month, simply email or call us and follow our instructions, pay the cost of shipping, and receive your refund. It’s that easy; no drawn out process and no need to explain your reasoning.


Perhaps you will find that you enjoy your latex topper, but one of its features isn’t quite right, and another option would better meet your needs. In that case, you may opt for an exchange rather than a return. Should you choose this option, you will need to return the topper through the same measures outlined above; we will refund your purchase less the cost of return shipping. 

When you receive your refund, you will also be emailed a coupon for 50% of the shipping cost for your returned topper. The sale of the second topper is a sales final transaction, as we do not offer a satisfaction guarantee on exchanges.


We understand that a mattress is a big commitment; a good night’s sleep can have a huge bearing on the quality of your day, so each of our mattresses comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. 

If one of our mattresses doesn’t meet your needs for any reason within the first 60 days, we will split the cost of return shipping with you. For King and Queen mattresses, your purchase will be refunded less $149.99; for Custom King mattresses, all but $199.99 will be refunded to you. If you need to initiate an exchange of one layer, we will split the cost of the return shipping for that layer. We only permit one exchange. 

At Mayer’s Bedding, we endeavor to make our customers’ lives as simple as possible, which is why we outline our return and exchange policies so transparently. Note that returns and exchanges are limited to one customer or household per year, but that’s one more than most customers find they need. 

While we have no doubt that our items will exceed your expectations, we don’t demand any explanation or outrageous processes to complete returns in the case that they are necessary, however unlikely that may be. Consider us your partners in the quest to get a better night’s rest; our return policy is just one more way we make that journey as easy as possible.