Blended Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers

Product Description
  • Our Blended Talalay Latex offers exceptional durability and comfort.
  • Bring new life to an old mattress or adjust the comfort of a too firm or soft mattress
  • Highly resilient and provides more pressure relief than conventional foam and fibers.
  • It's Breathable: Allows for a cooler nights sleep.
  • Oeko-Tex Certified as Class I, the highest possible rating. Verifies our products are free of harmful substances.
  • It's Hypoallergenic: Mold, mildew, dust mite resistant, antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Made in the USA
  • Our latex is cut to order, please allow up to 6 business days for shipment.
  • Consider a cover for your latex topper. We have 2"& 3" widths. Once you choose your topper size & width, a box will appear to include a cover with your purchase.
  • Our covers are shipped separately from our toppers.
$ 129.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Night and day

Count me as yet another reviewer to give top marks to Mayer's -- I only wish I'd ordered the 2" soft (19 ILD) blended talalay topper long before I actually pulled the proverbial trigger! It has made all the difference for this lightweight side sleeper after suffering 1.5 years on a too-firm, if very nice quality, latex mattress. The topper is seriously the most comfortable I've ever slept on, and I wake up fully rested. Mr. Mayer patiently answered a couple rounds of questions, and his recommendation was spot-on. Great service, great product -- we'll definitely order again for another one of our rooms. Thanks!

Thank you Katherine!!!
Fixed my bed issues!

I bought a hybrid mattress that is solid and seems to be good quality but was too firm and made my shoulders ache. I am a small side sleeper. I added a 19 ILD Talalay blended topper and it's so comfortable! I love the way it cushions and supports me and I'm sleeping so well now.

Thank you!!!
I got a great mattress!!

I am very pleased to have found Mayer's Bedding! Mr. Mayer is very caring and very customer service oriented. He spent a lot of time with me discussing my options and the market to help me get the right mattress. He was never in a rush to help me or provide helpful info so that I could make an informed decision. He also went out of his way to ensure that I got the best mattress for me with follow up. And I got one and I love it ! Highly recommended!! JPR

Thank you John!!!
Great Customer Service

I ordered a firm blended taylaylay mattress topper to try to soften up my extremely firm mattress but it was too firm so we decided to return. I just wanted to soften it a little because I cant sleep on a very soft surface but it was not the right density. I decided to return my extremely hard mattress as well, which was purchased at a different place, so I had no need for this topper anyway. But they don't cover return shipping so they returned my money, less the $50 it cost to ship the topper and told me to keep it. Had I known they did not cover return shipping, I probably would not have purchased from them since I am very picky due to injuries but the quality of the topper is good. So I am okay with the transaction.

Thank you Gregory for your review and for giving us a try!!
Mayer's Comes Through Again

This is my second purchase of a blended latex topper from Mayer's. I am so pleased with the one on my bed. I'm quite heavy and appreciate the resilience of the latex, making it easy to roll over. My elderly mom's got severe joint pain, making it hard for her to sleep, so I ordered her a softer blended topper. She can sleep much more comfortably now. I unreservedly recommend Mayer's Bedding, and their latex toppers, too. They're so much more comfortable and cooler than memory foam. If you haven't tried one, do.

Thank you Beth!!!!

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